Skin Tightening Device

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  • The facial LED combines 3 different technologies: RF, EMS and LED Light Energy to help fight skin issues such as acne, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles, stimulate the production of collagen and enhance the penetration of cosmetic liquids. 

  • Has 5 different lights and functions:

      Red LED - Promotes collagen regeneration and restores skin elasticity, face lifting, skin rejuvenation, Anti-Aging

      Green LED - Prevent generating melanin and brightens skin

      Blue LED - Anti-inflammatory and calm skin, improve skin roughness and repair damage, acne treatment, suitable for oil, acne, blackhead skin

      Yellow/Pink LED - Brighten skin tones and dark areas

      Pink flashing LED - Enhances the penetration of cosmetic liquids and make the skin clear.


      How to use

      1. Ensure device is charged 

      2. Clean your face then apply a moisturizer or serum

      3. Press POWER switch once to turn ON the device,  press POWER again to increase Intensity up to level 5. Press POWER after Level 6 to turn OFF.

      4. Move the device slowly to your face from bottom to the top of your face

      5. Use 3 times per week for 10 mins each time. The device will automatically shut off after 10mins of use



      Use time: 10mins/time

      Charging time: ≤3H

      Packing list: Skin Tightening Device, USB Charging, Charging Stand, User Guide